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We are a place of healing. A place of safety. Where you will feel light again. Feel free. Feel relief. A place of empowerment.


EMDR is an integrative psychotherapeutic approach used to relieve psychological and physical distress. When we sleep at night, our eyes dart back and forth called Rapid Eye Movements (REM). In this stage, we are processing through our thoughts and feelings. EMDR is similar with the use of Bilateral Stimulation (BLS). The memory is brought up and BLS is utilized with hand buzzers, headphones and sometimes therapist hands. The buzzers will buzz right to left and headphones will ring right to left.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a time to begin the healing process of coming together with other adults who have been impacted like yourself. It is common to often feel ashamed, alone, abnormal and embarrassed when you are not connected to others with similar experiences. Group therapy provides an opportunity for you to come together and reach out to others who have experienced a similar trauma. **Groups are offered 4 times throughout the year: January, April, July, October**

Individual Therapy

Irimiya Trauma Therapy, Inc. is a secure and safe place for you to confront your fears, worries and vulnerabilities. It is a place to express your desires, dreams, goals while admiring your strengths and acknowledging your very unique personality. It is here, that you can be your true self, full of vulnerability, full of strength and yet embrace the salient nature of humanity. Taking the path to a new you can feel overwhelming and scary, yet you are encouraged to keep walking. Through your journey, you will find the sunlight and embrace the warmth of safety. Everyone has their own journey and you get to create your own path. Beginning your journey with your past can feel heavy and overpowering. Your journey can feel confusing, full of anger, resentment and feel overbearing. Walk with honesty, with love with passion and hope. Have integrity, holding your head high. As you process your past, your journey will begin to feel lighter and less overwhelming. This is your path, full of imperfections, just as it should be.

Trauma Informed Therapy

Efficient trauma treatment begins with a trauma-informed therapist. A trauma-informed therapist understands the impact trauma has on an individual somatically (in the body) and psychologically (in the mind). When an individual works with a trauma-informed therapist, they can feel reassured that the therapist is aware of the complexity of one’s suffering, emotional pain and how it can manifest into a variety of symptoms and affect a person’s mental health. A trauma-informed therapist will have likely heard explicit, horrific and unimaginable stories from survivors. Please know, your story is welcome and there is never a story to “small” or too “much” to be heard.

Empower, Flourish, Thrive, Survive, it's all possible

Strength is the ability to be vulnerable. Strength is asking for help. Strength is keeping hope when it seems hopeless. Strength is motivation when you have no direction. Strength is choosing to love yourself even when you feel unlovable. Strength is displayed in many ways, but it's the choice to move forward even though it hurts that encompasses internal strength.